WordPress Homepage Pagination

By Steven Chang

January 26, 2011

Ever wanted to add Pagination to your homepage list of blogs or your Archive? Well now you can.

Here is a snippet of getting pagination right to your theme file.

function numbered_page_nav($prelabel = '', $nxtlabel = '', $pages_to_show = 6, $always_show = false) {
	global $request, $posts_per_page, $wpdb, $paged;

	$custom_range = round($pages_to_show/2);
	if (!is_single()) {
		if(!is_category()) {
			preg_match('#FROM\s(.*)\sORDER BY#siU', $request, $matches);
		else {
			preg_match('#FROM\s(.*)\sGROUP BY#siU', $request, $matches);
		$blog_post_count = $matches[1];
		$numposts = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT ID) FROM $blog_post_count");
		$max_page = ceil($numposts /$posts_per_page);
		if(empty($paged)) {
			$paged = 1;
		if($max_page > 1 || $always_show) {
			echo '';

just stick the above code onto your functions.php and replace the post navigation section on your theme with this…


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