Lessons Learned: NEVER pay for a domain name purchase with a credit card with Escrow.com!

By Steven Chang

February 16, 2018

I recently completed a purchase using online escrow service for a domain name, http://www.TuuR.com

Although not my first purchase, I did learn an expensive lesson this time not paying with cash. While Escrow.com’s website states if paying your goods with a credit card they would run the charge through as a purchase, not as a cash advance.

Well, this wasn’t the case for me. And I guess my credit card company treated it as a cash advance. This really sucked – not only was I hit with a cash advance fee, I also didn’t realize the interest on the cash advance starts accruing right away! Ughhhh!

Of course, I made a run to the bank as soon as I found out so I can pay for my mistake right away and pay off the stupid cash advance without accruing further interest.


Steven Chang

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